Monday, April 12, 2010

(Almost) Nestle Tollhouse Cookies

Ah the American Dream.. Nestle Tollhouse Cookies right from the back of the package. The deliciously perfect consistency is unlike anything else in the cookie world. Salty, sweet, buttery.. ok now I'm drooling. Well I decided to make these with some leftover Valentine's candy (haha I know, I even shocked myself there) and a dark chocolate mint bar I had broken up into pieces. As usual, I cut the recipe in half so I would be less tempted to eat them (it didn't work this time). I had no brown sugar, so I just subbed in some molasses and they came out just as delicious, though a bit richer in color and flavor. Let's just say that only half the batter made it into the oven and there were two cookie casualties after they came out. Mmmmm..

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